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Jungle Survival Tours


Adrenaline rush, the fear factor, increased heart rate, living on the edge., if this all gives you goose bumps and make your heart beats faster and if you have it in you to be a part of the most exciting adventures of your life, TravelO’Fiesta brings to you a lifetime opportunity to be the Mowgli for once in the real Jungle.


Yes, our partners are the expert team of Indian Army who will not only make you experience the jungle like never before but will also make your experience safe and exciting. If you think you can survive the tough terrains of the Jungle, live the night through the dark and dense forest under the black sky with only the Moon being the light in your life, you are at the right place.

Those with a truly adventurous bent of mind are craving for something less ordinary to experience. For such adventure lovers for the first time in India, we at TravelO’Fiesta with our partners are conducting Survival Courses in the dense jungles of Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Our inspiration for this unique offering is Mr. Bear Grylls, the international survival specialist and host of famous TV show Man vs. Wild, the course in line with Mr. Grylls's experiences, after blending it with the biodiversity of Indian sub-continent.

At these courses training is conducted by Indian Army Special Forces Commando veterans who are the only exponents of survival craft in India and who have jointly trained and operated along with all the major special forces of the world including that of UK and USA. The range of immersive life-saving and other skills imparted during these courses are

  • Living off the land - learning to forage food and water from wilderness
  • Making improvised survival tools like fire and weapons for self defense
  • Unarmed combat and self defense
  • Making secure shelter and night camps from natural resources
  • First Aid and nursing skills through nature
  • Sun and Astral Navigation
  • Negotiating difficult terrain by improvised Slithering, rappelling (rope skills)
  • Water obstacle crossing
  • Surviving natural and man-made disasters.
  • Leadership and team bonding

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